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By Diane Robbins on Apr 29, 2011

By Gina Grate Pottenger on May 20, 2010

Imagine you are a mother in a rural area of the Kingdom of Tonga, an island nation in the South Pacific. Eleven months ago you gave birth to your third child, a beautiful little boy.

Everything seems fine until you begin to notice that he still doesn’t hold his head up on his own. Whenever you try to sit him up, he slouches to the side. Your other children had already begun crawling by this time, but he still lays on his stomach or back.



By Recently, a friend wrote to ask me what it means to have a call.  Here was my reply:

By Gina Grate Pottenger on Apr 27, 2010

Dhaka, Bangladesh -- The group of eight gathered at baggage claim to pick up their luggage, including eight suitcases full of long metal poles, sheets of canvas and assorted anchor pegs.

"We love the third world, we have compassion on it, some of us define ourselves by our relation to it. But we do not live in it."



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