Nazarenes in East Timor (also known as Timor-Leste) are partnering with Wycliffe Bible Translators to help translate sections of the Bible in Tetum, one of the two official languages on the island nation.

As a result, Nazarenes in East Timor have portions of the Bible already completed, and they are quick to utilize new passages as often as they are released.

Tragedy struck the Nazarene family last week when 16 individuals from the Pico Church of the Nazarene were killed by a horrific landslide in the northern portion of the Philippines.

Continued heavy rain from Tropical Depression Parma, combined with previous torrential rain from Typhoon Ondoy, has caused floods and landslides responsible for as many as 300 deaths over the past two weeks.

She spotted us as soon as we stepped out of the taxi; we did not immediately notice her. It is easy not to see some people among crowded masses, especially a young child.

In this metropolitan Southeast Asian city, the narrow streets of her home are crowded with a few cars, many bicycles and motorbikes thicker than flies at a summer picnic. Even more people walk through the congested traffic in every direction. By normal standards it is not a busy morning, but one must still be careful of the traffic. 

While attending General Assembly, Osborn Fagea, the district NMI president in the Solomon Islands, was moved with the missionary passion of the global Church of the Nazarene to “Pray and Give.”  He returned home with this challenge upon his heart and began motivating the Solomon Island Church. 

 Africa Region
Shebedino Zone holds first Holiness Conference

A full house excitedly gathered at the Centro de Adoración Norte (North Center of Adoration) on Sunday, September 20, to celebrate the official organization of this church located in the Sierra Centro District in Riobamba, Ecuador. Field Strategy Coordinator Dwight Rich and District Superintendent Mario Paredes presided over the ceremony.

The flood waters stirred up in Manila, Philippines, by Typhoon Ketsana on September 26 were still at their peak when Pastor Byunggi "Timothy" Kim and his wife Lydia decided they must help people from Faith Church of the Nazarene, in the Napindan community near Laguna Lake. The couple was concerned for members of the new church plant, whom they’d joined for Sunday afternoon prayer for almost two years.

All the families of Manaselka Reka but one live on welfare, and most barely survived last winter. For people in the mountain village in northwestern Bulgaria, survival is mostly hand-to-mouth and always a challenge.

As a new school year began across the Eurasia Region, faculty members of South Asia Nazarene Bible College (SANBC) gathered in Bangalore, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh, to work through the fourth in a series of Professional Development Seminars (PDS) for its theological educators. The seminars are held every three years to upgrade the teaching methods and curriculum of SANBC, and are a significant part of the college’s commitment to excellence.

In the wake of typhoons, earthquakes and a tsunami across the South Pacific at the end of September, Nazarenes throughout the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand are mobilizing to care for the victims in the Philippines, the Samoa islands and Indonesia.


Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College Opens Indianapolis Extension Center

Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College opens extension center in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. When Ray McCrary came to Indianapolis, Indiana, Southside Church of the Nazarene in 2012, he quickly realized the challenges of pastoring an aging white congregation in a community undergoing rapid social change.“If we were to continue ministering to the south side of Indianapolis, we had to become multicultural,” McCary said.