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“This is why I am here….to see God’s miracles first hand!” wrote Becky Wallace in a recent blog entry, as she described  the miraculous recovery and growth of two of her young patients. Dr. Wallace frequently blogs about her experiences at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, but her praise reports are a particular reminder why, as believers, we help to support ministry to children and medical ministries. 

What makes for an unforgettable Work & Witness trip? Is it the finished building? Is it visiting a far away country? These things are very important parts of a trip. However, what really makes the whole trip worth the time, expense, and hard work are the new friendships that God gives and the encounters with God during a team's cross-cultural experience.

It's Sunday morning in Paramaribo, Suriname, and a group of girls dressed in their prettiest attire have gathered to sing a song for the congregation at New Charlesburg Church of the Nazarene. A fresh-faced girl with braids begins to fervently sing the words, and four others follow her lead. The song ends, people clap, and the five smile as they walk back to their seats.

In the Solomon Islands, Alabaster offerings are given in February and September. The district is always excited at the opportunity to participate in this worldwide effort to raise funds to assist local believers in the building of churches, parsonages, and district centers. 

For three days they knocked on doors, praying someone would invite them in. As the hours passed and their feet grew tired, the small group of young people searched for a home in the south Mexico community where they could start a church.

Nazarenes in East Timor (also known as Timor-Leste) are partnering with Wycliffe Bible Translators to help translate sections of the Bible in Tetum, one of the two official languages on the island nation.

As a result, Nazarenes in East Timor have portions of the Bible already completed, and they are quick to utilize new passages as often as they are released.

Tragedy struck the Nazarene family last week when 16 individuals from the Pico Church of the Nazarene were killed by a horrific landslide in the northern portion of the Philippines.

Continued heavy rain from Tropical Depression Parma, combined with previous torrential rain from Typhoon Ondoy, has caused floods and landslides responsible for as many as 300 deaths over the past two weeks.

She spotted us as soon as we stepped out of the taxi; we did not immediately notice her. It is easy not to see some people among crowded masses, especially a young child.

In this metropolitan Southeast Asian city, the narrow streets of her home are crowded with a few cars, many bicycles and motorbikes thicker than flies at a summer picnic. Even more people walk through the congested traffic in every direction. By normal standards it is not a busy morning, but one must still be careful of the traffic. 

While attending General Assembly, Osborn Fagea, the district NMI president in the Solomon Islands, was moved with the missionary passion of the global Church of the Nazarene to “Pray and Give.”  He returned home with this challenge upon his heart and began motivating the Solomon Island Church. 

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