South Korea Mission Camp
Sixty people, age 14 to 40, attended a mission camp sponsored by the Korea District on February 1-2, 2010.

At the same time Nazarenes gathered in the streets of their town to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Gospel's arrival in the state of Manipur, India, five to 10 disgruntled members of the community forced their way into the North East India District center and set fire to the building.’s note: On January 17, a few days following the 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti’s capital, Bloomington First Church of the Nazarene in Illinois, USA, sent its 250 attendees ho

What do you think of when you hear the word “Madagascar”? Some of us probably think of the movie that came out a fewIMG_1447.JPG years back, or perhaps the lemur or some other exotic animal. From now on, I’ll think of the Big Red Island as the place where God is up to Big Things.

Pastor Scott Sherwood stared in dismay at the sermon he had planned to preach January 17.

Bloomington, Illinois, First Church of the Nazarene is in a sermon series on stewardship. Just days after a January 12 earthquake that devastated Haiti, Sherwood was about to preach about making money.

Jan 22, 2010
If even one event in history had happened differently, Daniel and Margarita Pesado -- global missionaries hailing from Argentina -- may not be have become missionaries at all. What would have happened…

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Un terremoto de gran magnitud, de 7.3 en la escala de Richter, sacudió Haití el martes por la tarde, a las 17:53.  El movimiento sísmico inicial duró alrededor de un minuto, seguido por otros fuertes de 5.9 y 5.5 en la escala de Richter.  El epicentro se registró a 9.6 km de la zona oeste de Carrefour, en las afueras de la ciudad capital de Puerto Príncipe.

Nazarenes have mobilized both in Haiti and around the world to pray, send resources and distribute food, water and clothing. Photo courtesy Beulah Chapel Nazarene Church, Haiti.

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A major earthquake measuring 7 magnitude on the Richter scale hit Haiti Tuesday evening at 5:53 EST. The initial quake lasted about a minute, followed by strong 5.9 and 5.5 aftershocks. The epicenter of Haiti’s earthquake was six miles west of Carrefour, just outside the capital city of Port-au-Prince.

Clean the WorldAcquiring soap and sanitary water was already a daily struggle for many of the 9 million Haitians living on an average of less than $2 a day in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.


Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College Opens Indianapolis Extension Center

Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College opens extension center in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. When Ray McCrary came to Indianapolis, Indiana, Southside Church of the Nazarene in 2012, he quickly realized the challenges of pastoring an aging white congregation in a community undergoing rapid social change.“If we were to continue ministering to the south side of Indianapolis, we had to become multicultural,” McCary said.