In Denmark, a local Nazarene, commissioned by his church, has spent more than a decade ministering to "hardcore" bikers, leading some to Christ and discipling them.

Themselves refugees at one time, Kosovar Nazarenes are ministering in Central European refugee camps to show the travelers God's love. One pastor discipled a new believer who had found Jesus on his journey.

En Venezuela, varias iglesias están plantando otras iglesias mientras que oran por milagros de Dios en sus vidas así como en las vidads de amigos y vecinos, capacitando y enviando a líderes, y también alimentando a los hambrientos.

In Venezuela, churches are planting other churches as they pray for God's miracles in the lives of friends and neighbors, train up and release leaders, and now feed the hungry.

As Pastor Ken White and his Bangor Church of the Nazarene congregation began to see members suffer the effects of dementia, they realized they could step in to help them and their carers.

During Jesus’ three years of ministry, there was nothing pompous or self-promoting or power-seeking about Him. Jesus did not expect the best seat. Jesus stunned His disciples by washing their feet.

In Scotland, where a reported one in five women are affected by domestic abuse, the Erskine Nazarene church is converting a donated house into a shelter for women and children seeking safety and healing.

Separated from her husband when she became ill on their journey from Syria to Germany, Lydia was comforted by a Nazarene volunteer with prayer and stories of Easter.

The boy struggled for each breath until he could breathe no more. He went still. Natalia held the boy and prayed for God to save him while they waited in agony for medical help to come.