Nazarene leaders continue to seek a way forward in supporting refugees along the "Balkan Highway" after several nations abruptly closed their borders and the EU made a deal to send migrants back to Turkey, in exchange for resettling Syrians in Europe.

Un pastor en Honduras tuvo una idea radical: el sustituir los salones de clases de su iglesia con una cancha de fútbol de salón. Ahora, en lugar de recibir a 20 niños para que escuchen acerca del evangelio, ellos reciben a 160.

Since starting work in Mongolia in 2012, Sunny and Lisa Um have helped bring a deep well to a water-deprived area, and planted a Nazarene church in a round structure called a yurt.

A pastor in Honduras was given a radical idea: replace the church's classrooms with an indoor soccer field. Now, instead of 20 children coming to hear the gospel in a typical week, there are 160.

The merciful, forgiving side of Jesus did not turn into a co-dependency with sinners who remained entrapped. Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness were transformative.

An old photo of missionaries, that hung for years in a local church where Jaron Graham grew up, came to life when he met the man who found Christ through those missionaries, and who is now a Bible college president.

When the budget was sharply decreased at Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea, the staff members offered to cut their own salaries in order to keep the hospital open.

In Papua New Guinea, a local church's mission service features a visit by the missionaries they sent to Vanuatu, Peter and Jenny Isaac. Jenny reflected how Revelation reveals the purpose of mission: so that all people will worship God.

In the Central Europe Field, with its vastly different cultures and economies, the Churches of the Nazarene are developing creative ways to meet the needs of people in their communities.

Some people say the Internet is not a good platform for real relationships. But Ánderson, from Colombia, and Janary, from the Philippines, might argue that point -- that’s where they met and formed a deep friendship. Today, they are missionaries in Japan.