A young couple relocate to Hawaii, where they join efforts with local Nazarenes in ministering to the homeless and other people in the community, and discover that the multi-ethnic state is a diverse mission field.

"Thank you for making me laugh when I didn't even want to smile," wrote a refugee child among the hundreds given education, normalcy, and loving relationships through Nazarene churches in Lebanon.

Over Lucy's life in Central Asia -- through heartbreaks, miracles and the healing of a loving group of believers -- Lucy has learned that true joy comes from knowing Christ.

After God gave Helmut the courage to quit the Stasi, the East German secret police, Helmut walked away from the Lord. Years later, God drew Helmut back in an unusual way.

An international student is captivated by the witness of Christians he meets, which leads him to follow Christ, too. In response, his family back home threatens his life. Now he is a refugee.

Theology might sometimes seem confusing, but seeing it lived out brings clarity. For Franckel Formétus, a Nazarene leader in Haiti working closely with JESUS Film, holiness is best described not with words, but with your life.

After the first few believers in a Guatemala community persevered through persecution many years ago, today there is a church planting movement underway, with 16 new churches and almost a dozen more mission starts.

Through radio, Nazarenes in Liberia broadcast hope to sick people quarantined in Ebola camps, as well as informed and educated people about the disease. Now the church is ministering to people still suffering the outbreak.

Steve Jones finalmente recibió su ordenamiento a los 58 años. Pero no le fue posible encontrar una iglesia donde pastorear. Así fue que comenzó a trabajar con atletas en la escuela local, y pronto comenzaron a abrirse puertas en todos lados para ministrar a personas jóvenes.

Una pareja de Perú sigue la dirección de Dios al plantar una iglesia dentro de una aldea ecuatoriana desprivilegiada, donde sirven y aman a más de 200 niños y a sus padres cada semana mediante el relacionamiento y la educación.