Valentine's cards and cookies helped a church begin a ministry of compassion to inmates of a local jail.

Nazarenes across the Western Mediterranean Field are serving their communities in innovative ways, from ministries to the homeless and a neighborhood coffee shop to food distribution and sports ministry.

A Nazarene church of 35 is reaching out to its struggling community through healing arts ministries for abused women, addiction recovery and ministry to the homeless, and partnering with other local churches and organizations for greater impact.

They said it couldn’t be done. They said that Haiti was in too much disarray for the church to spend time telling people about God and planting churches. They were wrong.

Pastor Thangchinkhup has dedicated his life to developing young people, through helping local churches learn how to more effectively invest in youth ministry. He starts with prayer and fasting.

A family from Syria, with Armenian roots, has resettled in Yerevan, and along with the local Nazarenes, is helping other Syrian-Armenian refugees find a new home and new life.

Edgar de la Rosa was devastated after his family moved out because of his drug and alcohol addiction. God not only brought transformation and healing for Edgar, but also inspired him to start a ministry that would impact his community in Oaxaca, Mexico.

At just about 100 years old – when many aging churches end their natural life cycle – a California church is drawing in a new generation of teenagers from the surrounding neighborhoods.

In Paynesville, Liberia, water is in short supply. The Church of the Nazarene responded by installing a community water well, and the locals’ perception of the church has been transformed.

"En el futuro queremos alcanzar los lugares difíciles en países donde ya nos encontramos y en los que jamás hemos estado... Hay países en los que nace más gente que la que muere, así que la película JESÚS continuará teniendo impacto".