Missionaries, like Jesus, can do things intentionally so that daily activities contribute to purposefully following a pattern that fulfills the call of God on their lives.

A group of men going through discipleship at their prison in Alberta, Canada, felt led to give to others less fortunate. That's how their fundraisers for projects in the developing world began.

¿Cómo se siente aprender acerca de tu fe en un lugar que se encuentra cerrado al evangelio? Rut comparte su historia, así como la manera en que ella y Marcos están llevando la educación teológica nazarena a su contexto.

Volunteers in Swaziland offer wholeness to hundreds living with HIV/AIDS.

What is it like to learn about your faith in a place that is closed to the gospel? Ruth shares her story, as well as how today she and Mark are bringing Nazarene theological education there.

Hassan's family pooled all their money to send him ahead to Europe in hope that they will be able to join him after he establishes a new, safer life. At 18, if he cannot succeed, his family will very likely die.

When my church sent me to work with families displaced by violence in the Philippines, I had no idea how God would transform me through ministry to the least of these.

"There are little bright spots, though. Kids are kids no matter where you’re at. They were making balls out of anything they had to play with. Some of [the people] came up and took pictures with us with their cameras, documenting their own journey."

An Idaho congregation recently learned about the Syrian refugee situation in Jordan when Nazarene leaders in Amman spoke to them live through a Skype call during Sunday morning worship.

During a mission team's evening devotions, the missionary burst in carrying his unresponsive daughter. A doctor on the team sprang into action.