Being passionate about people going to Heaven is not a bad thing . . . unless all you think about is making sure their “souls” are going to be saved.

About 750 people of all ages discovered a magical world when they climbed through the “wardrobe” at Didsbury Community Church of the Nazarene’s “Narnia Experience,” 19-20 December.

Russell and Carla Frazier are missionaries serving in teaching, administration and finance at Africa Nazarene University in Kenya.

A Nazarene church in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, which began its life with ministry to "outcasts" of society has grown into a 150-strong congregation that is now sending missionaries of its own.

Discernment was very evident in Jesus’ earthly life. That gift of discernment, that ability to see things as they really are, is something very helpful, perhaps even necessary in cross-cultural missionary ministry.

Conversation with a waitress over a late night meal led to a local church's new Saturday night service for people who can't or won't come to church on Sunday morning.

Cheyenne felt like an outsider until girls from her school reached out in friendship -- and by doing so revealed the heart of Jesus. The love shown to Cheyenne overflowed to a new life. Today she is studying to be a missionary.

We saw olive skin and dark eyes wrapped in a black head scarf. She was standing tall and straight. "Hello, my name is Amina, which means peace in Farsi."

Un adolescente estadounidense une fuerzas con un pastor nazareno que dio inicio a la denominación en las Islas Turcas y Caicos. A través del básquetbol, ellos están alcanzando a la juventud de la comunidad.

What does it mean to be "deeply and earnestly" involved in sharing the good news globally? Is it enough to just give money for the mission?