For Zhanna Yugay, who believed that her own knowledge and hard work were enough to secure a foundation for her life, what began as a simple interpreting job became the start of a faith journey.

Local Nazarene churches in the Eastern Mediterranean Field are rising to God's call to share His love with their communities, through educating children, serving Syrian refugees, youth ministry, television broadcasts, theological education, and much more. This 5-minute video will take you there.

In the arid, dusty desert of Senegal, the Nazarene church is building a farm where local leaders can develop improved agricultural methods that will enable Senegalese families to grow adequate food year round.

Eyes that have seen terrible things do not forget what they have seen. But they can still recognize a brightening future, hope blossoming out of despair. And NCM Lanka continues to transform lives, giving children a reason to celebrate.

"If you take missions out of the Bible, you won't have anything left but the covers" -- Nina Gunter

“¿Tiene algún zapato que me pueda dar, por favor?” La muchachita adolescente esperaba pacientemente para que su familia recibiera ayuda. Miré a lo que en algún momento fueron sus zapatos, los cuales se encontraban llenos de agujeros, cubiertos de barro y con la suela suelta.

When flooding hits southeast India, a local church reacts with food and clothing distributions, and sacrificing their annual Christmas feast to share Christmas with several nearby villages.

Una iglesia nazarena en Vinnitsa, Ucrania, la cual comenzó su existencia ministrando a los "rechazados" de la sociedad ha crecido hasta convertirse en una congregación de 150 miembros, la cual ahora envía a sus propios misioneros.

“Do you have shoes for me, please?” She had waited patiently until her mom and her brother were cared for. I looked down at what had once been her shoes, now riddled with holes, caked with mud, the sole flapping.

Find out how God is working through the Church of the Nazarene in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).