Llovió furiosamente durante todo el camino, pero finalmente llegamos a Jama. Fuimos de un refugio a otro preguntando si alguien sabía dónde se encontraba el pastor Servio Macías.

A Nazarene church in Scotland decided to take a risk and go outside their walls to reach an unreached part of their community. They had no idea if it was going to work or not.

It was raining furiously the whole way but we finally pulled into Jama. We went from shelter to shelter questioning if anyone knew where Pastor Servio Macías might be.

When missionaries in Spain asked a local councilwoman for permission to run a kids' baseball camp in a green space outside the city bullfighting arena, the council woman made an astonishing suggestion.

A Nazarene couple in the Netherlands are taking their medical experience to South Asia, where they teach people how to educate others in good hygiene practice, and provide access to clean water.

Nazarenes are both using traditional forms and pioneering new methods to share the age-old message of God's love in the post-Christian societies of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Missionaries, like Jesus, can do things intentionally so that daily activities contribute to purposefully following a pattern that fulfills the call of God on their lives.

A group of men going through discipleship at their prison in Alberta, Canada, felt led to give to others less fortunate. That's how their fundraisers for projects in the developing world began.

¿Cómo se siente aprender acerca de tu fe en un lugar que se encuentra cerrado al evangelio? Rut comparte su historia, así como la manera en que ella y Marcos están llevando la educación teológica nazarena a su contexto.

Volunteers in Swaziland offer wholeness to hundreds living with HIV/AIDS.