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Rabearisoa Julien shares how the Street Kids Center, a Nazarene Compassionate Ministries center in Madagascar that provides local children with food, education, spiritual formation, and love, has impacted his life and led him to his calling.

An officer approached and asked what I had in the duffel. I explained, “This is a projector system that has been donated to the church in Ghana.” He said, “My supervisor is going to have to see this.”  Two officers told me to take everything and follow them.

A group storytelling method of exploring biblical truths is bringing transformation to people who have found Christ through the JESUS Film.

When Abby Slingerland volunteered for five weeks at a refugee camp in Serbia, she and her team members were changed by friendships, especially with a young man from Pakistan.

Nazarene churches of the Africa Central Field have sent out one of their own families to serve as missionaries. The Ibandas have made their new home in Madagascar.

Culture shock may not be what you think it is. So how can missionaries survive and thrive?

JESUS Film Harvest Partners recently made the JESUS film available in Cabécar, the language of an indigenous people group in Costa Rica, for the first time.

A small group in Brazil that began worshipping in a garage two years ago has grown into a church of 500, with ministries to all ages in its community.

Alba Gaibor felt trapped in a broken marriage and longed to run away until a pastor and his wife offered marital counseling and a new hope in Christ. Today, Alba’s family is completely transformed thanks to the work of God through the church in Ecuador

A young Nazarene couple left their home in the Netherlands for a new life in the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Through their partnership with many others, the Church of the Nazarene has officially established its presence there.


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