Mission is more than a program. It's a way of life.
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By Merideth Spriggs on Aug 10 2016

“I was homeless,” he said, “not sandwich-less. You picked me up and walked with me.” -- Dave

By Beth Clayton Luthye on Aug 5 2016

In Sierra Leone, churches reflect God’s love through the gift of clean water.

By Kaitlyn Williams on Jul 27 2016

A death in Papua New Guinea tragically triggered tribe rivals’ revenge, burning homes, animals, and destroying property. Nazarenes are helping them reconcile and rebuild.

By Carol Anne Eby on Jul 20 2016

In Denmark, a local Nazarene, commissioned by his church, has spent more than a decade ministering to "hardcore" bikers, leading some to Christ and discipling them.

A refugee story: Flight from Damascus
By Dorothy Tarrant on Jun 23 2016

Separated from her husband when she became ill on their journey from Syria to Germany, Lydia was comforted by a Nazarene volunteer with prayer and stories of Easter.

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Life is about how we reach lost people. God has called each of us to serve where he has directed. Some of us are called to server where we are and others may be called to go forth. There is no greater reward in life than to respond to God’s call. It says in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans for a hope and a future.”

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By Michelle McLane on Sep 21 2016
As more than half a million refugees seek shelter throughout northeastern Africa, longtime Nazarene missionaries Gabor* and Tafui* Buhari are employing innovative ways to serve them: radio broadcast...
By Merideth Spriggs on Aug 10 2016
I met Dave when I was doing homeless outreach in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Dave was a heavy drinker. We had tried three times to get him sober, but each time he left detox and returned to drinking...
By Beth Clayton Luthye on Aug 5 2016
Water is life. It has become a cliché, but sometimes clichés are true. For people living in Sierra Leone, those three words are a daily reality that is never taken for granted. Each day’s schedule...
By Kaitlyn Williams on Jul 27 2016
The scent of burnt wood, grass, flesh, and various debris filled the air in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea in September 2015. It was Independence weekend, but tribal war in this Pacific Island...
By Carol Anne Eby on Jul 20 2016
For Johannes Orsoe, the roar of a Harley signals the opportunity to contact another soul for Christ. Johannes, or “Johs” as his friends call him, gave his life to the Lord while touring the United...


In Your Words
By Simone Mulieri Twibell on Oct 8 2013
Eight hours north of Guatemala City is a town called Fray. Near Fray is a remote village named Maguila, which does not appear on any Guatemalan map.  Simply getting to Maguila requires a 25-minute car ride on dirt roads or a 50-minute walk through the rugged terrain. Our group arrived at the village on February 12, 2013 on a rented school bus anticipating great things. At the same time, we...
By Josiah Mosley on Aug 22 2013
Editor's note: Josiah Mosley, a student at Southern Nazarene University, writes about his experiences on a mission trip sponsored by the university to Swaziland, earlier this summer. I don’t know where to begin as I write this article. There were many things I was able to learn and experience on my mission trip to Swaziland in Africa. I saw God’s hand at work in many ways in the beautiful...
By Larry Orwig on May 9 2013
In October, I was invited along with Mark McArthur, a fellow member of Crossroads Church of the Nazarene in Ellicott City, Maryland,  to join the Severn, Maryland, Grace Point Community Church's (GPCC) Work & Witness team to Cuba. For the 14 team members (pictured left with four Cuban workers), the October 1 arrival date was the beginning of our very first visit to Cuba, a...
By Wendy Walker on Apr 23 2013
After prayerful consideration, my husband and I set off to Africa with seven other people from our church on a short-term mission trip called Work & Witness.   As the trip drew closer, I remember Pastor Brian specifically telling us to be open for what God would show us on this trip because He would show each one of us something. He further warned us not to go on the trip “...
By David Stevens on Apr 16 2013
Over the 27 years that David and Carol Stevens have served as pastor and wife in the Church of the Nazarene they have desired to attend the Southern Nazarene University (SNU) annual Work & Witness trip called Commission Unto Mexico. Carol Stevens was born in Mexico. Her parents were independent missionaries there. She has always wanted to return.In 2012 they decided to go on the winter trip....
By Anonymous on Apr 30 2013
Nazarene mission workers in undisclosed areas shared the following stories with Engage magazine recently. Names have been changed and locations omitted for security purposes.The miracle buildingLast year Rev. Pat’s* church was shut down. For more than 20 years it had been in this middle class neighborhood, as a house that was a church.  The community situation had grown tense, and...
By Savilla Smith on Feb 20 2013
I have heard the voice of the Lord, not as a heavens splitting thunder or in some dramatic way, but as that still small voice which cannot be doubted.  (John 10:1-21, verse 4 “and his sheep follow him because they know his voice…”)I was standing in Valparaiso, Chile along with the other 24 members of the Chicago Heights-sponsored Work & Witness team.  We were waiting to take a boat...
By Savilla Smith on Mar 1 2013
“The house is small, but the heart is big.”  I heard that expression on the recent Work & Witness trip to Valparaiso, Chile. The gentleman who said it was describing a mutual friend’s house where we had gathered to share a meal. It is true that by U.S. standards my friend’s house would probably be called small, but to me it was absolutely perfect. Each room had a gentle beauty and...
By Cryz Colorado on Feb 7 2013
 A small group of believers began meeting in Camias, a rural mountain area of the Philippines, after a member of the village accepted Christ through listening to a World Mission Broadcast (WMB) radio program called "Rated PG." That listener contacted the program hosts -- Emily Bolinas, with Pastor Cryz Colorado as PAMANA segment producer.  As a result of this contact, the Church of the...
By Siripawn Malagul on Jan 28 2013
In the beginning of 2011 I began to notice that it was truly necessary to go out to seek the lost. Most of my church congregation didn’t see the importance of seeking the lost. They were waiting for the lost to come into the church building. But actually that’s not likely going to happen if our church members don’t go out to look for them.  I took the opportunity to pray with a friend of...