Top 10: Places for prayer cards

By Sometimes, when missionaries visit your church to speak, they distribute prayer cards. These small pieces of paper help to remind you to pray for the missionaries you've met.

But where do you put these cards to make them an effective reminder? Here's a top 10 list of the best spots for your missionary prayer card.


Number 10:  Placing the prayer card in the car can provide something to do when you get caught in traffic. Missionaries often live in large cities where travel by car can be dangerous or frustrating. Safe travel is a specific prayer request that will always be remembered in the car. 


Number 9: The bathroom mirror. How many times a day do you go in the bathroom? Please, don't answer that. Nevertheless, it is a spot that you will visit often. Here you can pray for the purity of the missionaries' hearts and purpose. It is also a spot that everyone in the family can see.


Number 8: The classic refrigerator display. As you go to the fridge, pray that the missionaries get the spiritual food and living water they need to stay strong under pressures and stress. Also, this would be the place to remember those living in poverty. It is a great place to hang prayer cards of missionaries working with compassionate ministries or in poor countries.


Number 7: The hobby spot. If you have a hobby that you often engage in, why not place a prayer card with the equipment? It might be a set of golf clubs, a knitting bag or a scrapbooking desk. This can be especially meaningful if you share the hobby with a missionary. You can pray for them to get the necessary leisure time to keep their stress level manageable.


Number 6: The extra napkin holder. This can be placed on the dining table with several prayer cards in it. It can prompt the prayers of one person at morning or evening tea. It can also be a reminder to mention missionaries during prayer over family dinner. A child could choose a prayer card and the family could brainstorm things to pray about. As a summer project, the kids could even make the prayer card holder.


Number 5: The coffee pot. If you can't start your morning without a cup of coffee, consider placing a prayer card in the coffee corner. This is a great time to pray for missionaries. Depending on where the missionaries live, they might be at the beginning of their day as well. Figure out what the time difference is and pray for what they are probably doing at the moment. Also pray that they will have energy to complete all the day's tasks.

Number 4: Inside your Bible. This is a natural! Pray for the missionary when you have your personal devotions.

Number 3: The front door. As you go out to face your world, remember the missionaries who are living and working in a world quite different than your own. Pray for them to seek to understand the culture. Even if a person has lived in another culture for a long time, there are new things to learn if one is open to learning.Engage-PC-Reeds-compressed.JPG

Number 2: The computer. Place the prayer card either at home or at work. Pray that the missionaries will be able to effectively communicate with their families, coworkers, church members and their communities.

Number 1: What do you think? Where do you place your prayer cards? Do you remember a specific request based on where the prayer card is? Tell us!

What if you don't have any missionary prayer cards? Is there something else you could display to remind you to pray for your missionaries?

What are some other top 10 lists that you would like to see in Engage?