Text messaging and a small, red radio


Rev. Prao Kouakou is the Cote d'Ivoire district superintendent and World Mission Broadcast (WMB) coordinator for the Africa West Field. Recently, a listener contacted Prao through a text message after hearing the ministry of the Church of the Nazarene over his shortwave radio. The listener is from Chad, a country in Central Africa in which the Church of the Nazarene does not have official work. The young man shared that he has problems and needed a confidant, and Prao has become that.
Prao, along with Nazarene missionaries, keep in contact with the listener, helping him sort through his personal problems and telling him about the Lord's great love. They assure him that God can help him through his struggles.
In Abidjan, the capital city of Cote d'Ivoire, Zampou listens to Nazarene Time, a WMB radio program. He is a religious chief in his village, and listening to a radio program that talks about Jesus could cost him his life. Despite Zampou's regular presence at the local religious building, he continues to listen to the WMB program on a small, red, battery-powered radio sent to him by Prao.
• Pray for Zampou from Abidjan, that he will accept Christ as the one true living God, and in turn will lead many in his community to do the same.

• Pray for the listener from Chad, that he will also come to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and perhaps open the door for the Church of the Nazarene to enter this new area.

• Pray for Prao and the missionaries who continue to minister to the young man via text messaging.

-- World Mission Broadcast Africa

World Mission Broadcast Expands Across Papua New Guinea
"God has a great plan for World Mission Broadcast (WMB) in Papua New Guinea (PNG)," says Pastor Daniel Eka, WMB coordinator for PNG. "God is helping us to get on new radio stations each year."

In August, WMB PNG added an additional radio station owned and run by the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea. The station manager contacted Daniel and requested the three programs, Krais I Laikim Olgeta Pikinini (KILOP – Christ Loves All Kids), Krai Bilong Ol Meri (KBOM – Cry of Women), and Kirapim Gutpela Sindaun (KGS – Starting A Good Life). They broadcast to approximately 60,000 to 70,000 listeners. Currently KILOP is broadcasting on eight radio stations, while KGS and KBOM are airing on 12 radio stations across PNG.

The newly elected superintendent for the Southern Highlands District, Joseph Yapasi, made a special arrangement with Jacob Mambi, station manager of the recently upgraded 90.7 Muruk FM, to air KILOP, KGS, and KBOM on their station. Daniel made a special trip to the station in Mendi and gave 500 KGS, 200 KBOM, and 150 KILOP programs to the station manager.

Daniel was asked to record an introduction to the three programs that will air on the station. After that, the station manager asked Rev. Yapasi to bless the programs with a word of prayer.
"After eight years of traveling around PNG and talking with different radio station managers, I have never come across such a person of Jacob's caliber," says Daniel. "I would describe him as the 'pastor' of the radio station. He is not just a manager; he is very strong Christian. When he was a child, he was adopted by one of the PNG Bible Church Missionaries to the U.S.A. While there, he completed his communication degree and then came back to PNG."
Mr. Mambi stated, "I know all the hard work you have put in to come up with the finished product. I don't have money to pay for your hard work."
Daniel responded, "I am doing it for the soul of someone like me who was lost in sin on streets of PNG and those out there in the villages."
Mr. Mambi said he will ensure that all the three programs air Monday to Friday and even during the weekends.

-- World Mission Broadcast Asia-Pacific

(Reprinted with permission from Transmission, the e-mail newsletter of World Mission Broadcast.)