Nazarene center teaches girl to trust God with headaches

NCM Nepal
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ImageKaushila is a student of grade 8 in a public school near her village in South Asia. She is the only one daughter in her big family of seven members. The beautiful village just below the cold hills marks the beginning of wide, hot plains. Kaushila was born to spend her childhood in a beautiful green village that produces many things for the rapidly growing town nearby.

Kaushila was born into a family that believes in animism. She often had to visit the "devithan’" (goddess of holy places) and "deurali" (god of crossroads) according to the fortune teller’s advice. Her poor parents had to spend a lot of money in taking offerings and sacrifices to different temples and holy places. The reason for all of this was her headaches from which she had been suffering for the past few years.

Every Saturday morning she used to walk two kilometers north to the jungle and take a holy bath with the hope of getting cured from the headache. Days, months and years passed but the situation remained unchanged.

“I did all those things because the fortune teller had said that I would die if I failed to go to the jungle and take a holy bath under the Pippal (ficus religiosa) tree,” Kaushila remembers. But nothing the parents did on the basis of the fortune teller’s advice brought any hoped for results. They were very worried about their daughter’s future.


When NCM (Nazarene Compassionate Ministries) started a child development center in her village, Kaushila was enrolled there. From her teachers she heard about Jesus healing sick people and raising the dead. She learned to pray about her problems.

“Every time I went to the jungle I was afraid because I was alone. I wished that someone would be allowed to be with me,” she says, “but I always desired to be alone in my first prayers to Jesus because I could express all my problems to Him when I did that.”

Slowly and gradually Kaushila’s headaches lessened. She stopped going and having a holy bath every Saturday in the jungle. Instead of doing these things, she goes to the church and takes part in Sunday school activities. Her mother gladly sends her to participate in church activities.

Earlier, Kaushila was often disturbed by headaches when she studied her books. She used to be scared of being sick during an important examination. But now she has complete trust in Jesus Christ that he can protect her from any danger.

“The way the fortune teller guided me wasn't working. Now I know that I was walking in a wrong way; now I am not scared,” she says. The fortune teller’s way was leading her in fear and loneliness. But now Kaushila has hope and wants to commit her whole life to Jesus.