Missions again: Bringing Hope to the Amazon Basin

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Dr. J. K. Warrick, one of six general superintendents in the Church of the Nazarene, recounts his journey on "Jesus the Hope," a river boat ministry initiated and operated by the Church of the Nazarene in Brazil, to plant churches among the 17,000 unreached people groups who live along the rivers of the Amazon Basin.

Funded by Nazarenes' generous giving to World Evangelism Fund (WEF), the river boat provides access to the many unreached people groups of the Amazon who are only reachable by boat or by air. Through the boat ministry, Brazilian Nazarenes are bringing the Gospel, as well as compassionate ministries, to people who are still waiting for Hope.

Learn more or give to World Evangelism Fund: www.fundingthemission.org.

Watch a video about the "Jesus the Hope" ministry boat. (English)

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