Missionary Profile: Debbie Holston


Since we launched the weekly missionary profile in August, in a partnership with Nazarene Mission International's weekly Prayer Mobilization Line, most of Engage's missionary profiles are about missionaries who have been serving for at least several years.

This one is different. When we sent our questionnaire to Debbie Holston, she had not yet left for her upcoming assignment. Therefore she could not answer many of the questions. Yet, in true missionary spirit, she jumped in and did what she could.

Remember to pray for Holston and the other students of Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS) who begin serving around the world this month. They will be on the field long enough to go through culture shock. Their lives will be changed and so will the lives of the people they will come to love.

Holston began serving in Razgrad, Bulgaria, in September 2011 as a student in the 365 Days in Mission (365M) program through NTS and Nazarene Mission Corps. Her specific job responsibilities will be worked out with a ministry mentor. This is her first official assignment with Mission Corps. She will there nine months.

Engage: How did you first recognize God’s call to be involved in missions? 

Holston: God called me to cross-cultural ministry when I was young; I do not remember exactly how I first recognized God's call, but I remember people affirming my call. Missionaries, friends from church, and my family all helped me recognize God's call on my life.

Engage: How do you maintain a close relationship with God (and your family, if applicable) in the midst of the demands of missionary service?

Holston: It's important to have time with God daily; it helps me keep my focus on God. I usually spend time in the Scripture each morning, as well as writing to God in my prayer journal before bed.

Engage: What do you like to do for fun?

Holston: Spend time with friends, learn more about the culture, learn words in other languages, swim, go on walks, crochet.

Engage: What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Holston: I am the second of six kids, and God has called five of my immediate family (my dad, two sisters, my brother-in-law, and me) into ministry.

Engage: What advice would you have for others exploring a possible call to missions, or embarking on their first missionary assignment? 

Holston: Keep following God. Trust God to guide you, and trust God always. It is often times hard, but it is the best way. Have a support system with people who will lift you up to God in prayer, as well as people who will listen to you and help guide you in God's ways.


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