Mission Myths: Is Mission Just Sending a Check?

Tonya Kucey
Monday, April 20, 2009

It started with an e-mail.

“I am having some uncertain thoughts concerning [short-term mission trips] My mind goes back and forth as to the benefits of this type of lay missionary service.”


As I reflected upon the words typed on the screen my mind starting to re-consider other comments and concerns I have heard over the years regarding missions:

“Missions, especially short-term missions, is nothing more than a vacation with a purpose.”

“Missions is nothing more than a budget to pay.”

“You are wasting time and money. Just send the money over. That’s all they really need anyway!”

“We have enough people in our own country or community that need help. Let them find their own way over there. Let’s take care of our own first!”

“Missions is better left to the ‘professionals’.”

“Christians have no business trying to convert other people from their culture or religion.”

“Children have no place on the mission field!”

As I remembered all these comments and attitudes regarding missions my heart started to spin in circles. I wanted to take the time to learn to listen; not only to the opinion of others but, more importantly, to what the Lord had to say about the whole matter of mission service. In the end, His opinion mattered most to me.

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-- Tonya Kucey is the Nazarene Mission International (NMI) Canada Representative for the General NMI Council