Mission Essentials
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What does missions have to do with Mexican food? What is the difference between “mission,” “missions,” and “missional”? How is being a “witness” distinct from being a “missionary”? What does it mean to be “called”?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more in our Mission Essentials series!

From August 2011 to March 2012 Engage magazine is getting back to the essentials of mission. Voices from around the world are tackling these theological and practical issues out of their unique contexts.

Join the conversation by reading the archived articles below and responding respectfully in the comment section beneath each article. You can also contribute Letters to the Editor by emailing engagemagazine@nazarene.org, including your full name, and your city and nation of residence. (Anonymous letters will not be published.)

New articles in the series are identifiable by the Mission Essentials logo. Visit www.engagemagazine.com each week, now through February 2012.

Mission Essentials
Ánderson Godoy on May 2 2012
 It was August 6, 2005 and I was on a 32-hour bus ride heading for the South American Nazarene Theological Seminary in Ecuador. Right after my arrival I went to the academic dean’s office. I...
Chris Troutman on Apr 18 2012
 Editor's note: While Jesus calls the entire Body of Christ to carry the Gospel to all nations, at the same time the Spirit calls many individuals and families to a specific experience of...
Dr. Geneva Silvernail on Mar 30 2012
 Teenage girls hung leis of fresh flowers around my neck while children ran ahead throwing petals on the path as I made my first visit to Melanesia Nazarene Bible College in Papua New Guinea....
Daniel Gomis on Mar 21 2012
In today’s world, whether sitting in a living room in New York City, in a cybercafé in Bamako or in an office in Quito, one tends to spend more time dealing with people through computers than in face...
Dean Flemming on Mar 14 2012
 The story of the early church is a story of crossing boundaries. Acts narrates the movement of the gospel of Jesus Christ from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, according to Jesus’ promise in...
Grant Christy on Mar 1 2012
 In 1994 my wife spent her high school summer vacation serving with Nazarenes In Volunteer Service (now known as Mission Corps) in Mexico. During that summer she fell in love with the people of...