Man sees bright light at JESUS film showing

South Asian JESUS film team
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Editor's note: The following story comes from the report of a JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry team in South Asia. It has been edited for clarity. Names and locations have been omitted for security purposes.
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus on behalf of our team members!
ImageRecently we visited a village with the sincere cooperation of the community’s religious leader.
We gave a brief description about the film and then started our JESUS film showing with a short prayer. A good number of men, women and children were present and we noticed they were watching the JESUS film without making any noise.
The majority of people in the village are followers of another religion, but they did not seem satisfied with their powerless gods and goddesses. They all were very much interested to know and learn about Jesus Christ.
The film was progressing well, but a sudden incident just a few minutes after we started ruined the attention of the viewers for some time. An old man who was watching the film abruptly stood up and shouted that we should stop the film immediately. He prohibited other people to watch it, as well. The old man said that the film was not good. He claimed that Jesus was an illegitimate child. He blamed us for trying to lead people into an illegal religion and ruin their local religion.
He was then coming towards us angrily to damage our film showing equipment when suddenly he fell on the ground and became senseless.
We were worried about the old man and wanted to know what had happened. The people immediately took him to a bed and poured water on his head to wake him up. We stopped the film to go see his situation.
We then closed our eyes, placed our hands on his head and prayed for the old man to be healed by the grace of our Almighty God. We prayed earnestly to God for about 10 minutes. As soon as we said “Amen” we noticed that the old man got his sense back. He opened his eyes and said, “Jesus, Jesus!”
The old man then wanted to watch the JESUS Film because, as he told everybody, he had seen a bright light and couldn’t see or feel anything while he was senseless. He said, “Jesus is the true God. I saw a bright light and my chest pain was healed by that light. The light told me that I am His son.”
We were surprised to hear this and we praised the Lord immediately that God listened to our prayer and for the miracle He did with the old man. We gathered everyone again and restarted the film. The old man and the other viewers then watched the rest of the film with much interest. The people of the village were amazed to know that Jesus died on the cross to save them from their own sins. They also were thrilled to know that there is no other way but only through our Lord Jesus for all people to receive salvation and eternal life.
The viewers asked us a lot of questions to hear about the Lord Jesus and the Christian beliefs. We answered their questions and gave out some copies of the booklet “The Story of Jesus the Nazarene” to some of the interested persons to read and share the Good News to others who can’t read. We then closed our program with a prayer and left the village.
The next week when we returned for our follow-up preaching, we noticed a big change in the villagers’ faith. Many people were very interested to know more about Jesus and wanted to accept Him as their Savior. We learned that the old man and his wife had made a decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They had thrown away all of the pictures of their deities, broke the idols which they had at their house and submitted themselves to Jesus.
The old man gave his testimony in front of many of his neighbors and asked us to arrange a baptism ceremony. We then held a worship service there. I read Exodus 20: 1 – 26 and gave many other Scripture references to them and explained the inner meaning to the villagers. We also gave references from the last few episodes of the booklet, “The Story of Jesus the Nazarene,” and explained them to the villagers.
Many villagers, along with the old man’s family members, wanted to become followers of Jesus. We gave out a copy of “The Story of Jesus the Nazarene” and a New Testament Bible to the old man to read and learn more about Jesus. We told them to keep faith in Jesus and prayed for them.
We are continuing our follow-up preaching in the village and are very hopeful to establish a church there very soon with the cooperation of the old man’s family and other JESUS film viewers, as we have already formed a preaching point there.