Making the most of every opportunity...or obstacle


The church on the Asia-Pacific Region continues to see God at work building His church as everyday people intentionally look for ways to share Christ in the office, the marketplace, school or community.  ??A recent letter from a medical professional working in an area of the Asia-Pacific Region illustrates this desire to turn even obstacles into opportunities.

Dear Friends,
Pam found an apartment that we both love.  The closing of the sale was at 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon.  When the seller had not shown up at 1:40 the [real estate agent] called him.  He said that he had sold the apartment at noon that day through a different real estate company.  I was upset, but my wife was not.  Pam reminded me that we had been praying for God's will to be done.  In fact, on the way to our appointment she had been praying that if God did not want us to buy the apartment, then the sale would be blocked.  (“Thanks, Pam!” was my first thought.)
The staff at the real estate office, accustomed to impatient clients, were prepared for us to explode in anger.  Instead our calm response opened the door for us to witness to them about Pam's prayer and how we believe that God is leading us. After that the office manager showed us more apartments and asked Pam more questions about our faith.
The Kingdom coincidences continued. The next day another one of the [staff] from that same office nearly fainted, so her colleagues brought her to the hospital where I work. God had opened another golden opportunity to serve them when they all came to the emergency room.

This all began with someone’s search for an apartment. They still haven’t found a home, but God is turning obstacles into opportunities.
What about you?  What Kingdom opportunities – disguised as obstacles
does God have in store for you today?  In your going, continue to make Christlike disciples in the nations.

Talk about it

  • When you have been thwarted in something you were trying to accomplish, how did you react?
  • Why was this couple's calm and forgiving reaction a witness to the real estate agents?
  • What role did Pam's prayer play in the events and the couple's attitude?
  • How can you be open to the Holy Spirit's work in everyday situations?