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Little is much when God is at work


At Konkaen Church of the Nazarene, the Oikos team prepares snacks and invitations for the children of Sa-at Community.

“Kawpkoon Prajao!” or “Thanks to the Lord,” can be heard from many voices praising God for His faithfulness to the Oikos Church of the Nazarene in Bangkok. Since May, the church has been experiencing the blessings of continuous revival.

On a Friday night in June, 11 youth from Oikos Church of the Nazarene followed God’s leading to the Khonkaen province, northeastern Thailand, where they assisted a ministry team restarting a local congregation in a new neighborhood. By the time they returned to Bangkok June 13, many lives, including their own, had been changed.

Before the trip even began, obstacles blocked their way. Several of the members did not have enough money to go. Some didn’t think they could request time off from their jobs. Curfews in Bangkok and throughout Thailand had already postponed the planned trip. To many, it seemed that it might not be possible to go.

God worked beyond any of their expectations. By Friday evening, members who lacked money received what they needed. For instance, Mi, a young man who God touched physically during the revival services, gave extra money so that Teu, who had become a new believer following the revival, could also go on the mission trip. Members who needed time off work were given permission to go. And the curfews in Thailand were lifted just days before the trip.

After driving all night, the team arrived Saturday morning ready to plan, clean, share testimonies and invite neighbors to an evangelistic activity Saturday evening. The team had no provisions for food because they had given all they had for the gas expense. Khonkaen Church of the Nazarene team and the Thailand District provided all the meals. Step by step, team members watched God take the little they had and make it much.

“Thank the Lord for the building He provided to hold the evening gathering," said Waan, one team member. "We were invited to use a
child development center in the neighborhood.  As we distributed flyers for the evening event, some parents were not willing to send their children because we are Christians.  But that evening there were more than 100 children and guardians who came to the event.  At least 10 children received Christ!  And each of us had opportunity to witness with the children’s guardians. 

"Ajaarn (Rev.) Panom shared his testimony, and our team shared a skit that was very clear about God’s truth for our lives, even though we did not have time to practice the skit ahead of time.  It just felt like the Holy Spirit was right there with us!  Thanks to the Lord, for although what we did seemed like so little, He used it to do something great!”

Suwisa (Goh), a team member who helped to organize the trip, commented, “We learned that when we give all we have and are to God, God uses us and blesses others.”