Let Your Light Shine!

In Jhon Hocking Weeks, Luz and I have had great success with the adolescent/youth population there. They come to every service, want to participate in everything, and invite their friends and family to come too.
So, it wasn't a surprise when we went on Tuesday night and Heylin came to told us that her brother, Josue, wouldn't be able to come that night even though he really wanted to come. She went on to explain, but I didn't exactly understand what she was saying, so I told her to go talk to Hermana Luz who could understand her. Luz talked to her for a few minutes while I was lighting candles for the service (we don't have electricity in Jhon Hocking), and Luz came over to me and said she was going with Heylin to her house and for me to go ahead and start the service. So I began the service.
It was prayer night, so we sang hymns, choruses, recited Bible verses, and prayed. Most of the requests are for the health of the parents or brothers and sisters. So we finished up by taking the offering and praying the benediction.
Luz hadn't come back yet, and we have another service in Yarinacocha on Tuesday nights after the one in Jhon Hocking, so I went to Heylins house to meet up with Luz.
As I approached the house, Heylin and Josue's dad was outside the front gate with their little sister. I asked if Luz was still there, and he said, "Yes, go ahead in." As I started into the house, Heylin came out and met me. We were standing outside the door talking about what had happened that day because Luz was praying. I will recount the story.
"My little brother almost died today," said Heylin.
"What happened?" I asked.
"I had left the iron plugged in when I was getting my clothes ready to go to school. Josue was watching TV and smelled the iron. So he came in and was unplugging it, but his finger touched the electricity and he got electricuted."
"Did your mom take him to the hospital?" I asked.
"Yes, and he has to go back tomorrow."
At this point, Luz finished praying, and we entered the house to talk with Josue and Yolanda, their mom. Josue was on the bed under a blanket, and Luz was sitting beside him on the bed. Yolanda was in a chair beside the bed crying.
Luz asked me, "Do you know what happened?"
I said that Heylin told me Josue got shocked.
Luz said, "For about 20 minutes!"
"Twenty minutes!" I exclaimed. "What a miracle!"
Then Yolanda told me the whole story:
"Heylin forgot to unplug the iron before she left for school. I was out front cooking, and I heard a scream. I thought Josue was still watching TV, but he had gone to unplug the iron and his finger touched the plug when he was unplugging it and he got electricuted. I was thinking he had screamed at something on the TV, so about 15 or 20 minutes later, I was bringing a plate of food inside for my husband when he got off work, and I walked in on a horrific sight. There was my son, his head swollen, his eyes buldging, his hair (which he wears in a flat top style) standing up more than usual, and his arms black. I had never seen anything like that before. God gave me wisdom to get a broom and knock the plug from the wall, because I started to grab him, and then I would have been electricuted too. When I knocked the plug from the wall, Josue was thrown across the room, and lay there. I thought he was dead. The other lady that works here with me cooking came and started CPR, but he wasn't waking up, and his whole head was swollen. And his arms...they were black like he had been beaten. So we rushed him to the medical post here in Tushmo, but they said get him to the hospital as quick as you can to the emergency room. Hermana, we were waiting there in the emergency room, and Josue's finger busted open, and water like a fountain begain to pour from his finger. And as the water left his body, the swelling left his head and his arms returned to their normal color. Hermana, I have never seen anything like it. It is a miracle! Since Josue was baptised two weeks ago, he has changed completely, and I believe this miracle from God has been a blessing for my family. Josue wants to be an example for the other kids who are coming to the services. He came home fromthe hospital and started to get his clothes ready to come to church tonight. I had to stand in front of the door to keep him in the house. Thank you all for everything you are doing and Thank God for this miracle!"
I sat there in awe! How could our little Josue have lived through 20 minutes of electricution and have no lasting effects from it? Josue had prayed with Luz and thanked God for letting it happen to him and not one of his family members because he was ready if he hadn't been okay. Not only was it a miracle that Josue lived, it was a miracle that his little sister didn't come into the room and hug him while he was being shocked. And I told Josue that since we don't have any electricity in Jhon Hocking (he lives across the street in La Paz), that he could come and we would just put the light bulb in his hand and we would have light now because he was fully charged!
Here in the house of the missionaries in Pucallpa, we are praising God for the miracles he is showing us. We have had miracle after miracle in our locations in the last 3 months. Praise the Lord for his awesomeness! He is todopoderoso (all powerful)!!! And what a mighty God we are serving!