The Highest Call

By World Mission Broadcast on Jun 18, 2010

“As a boy, all I wanted was to serve the king of Thailand,” Khun Thonayot said. But unlike most boys, Thonayot’s dreams of valor became reality. He became a Thai soldier after graduating with a degree in agriculture. He served his allotted time and then continued to climb the ranks until he was indeed one of the few Thai soldiers entrusted to protect the King. Fulfillment at last!

But his personal and family life was not so pleasant. He turned to alcohol and became a man he is not proud to talk about. As a result of his drinking, his wife left him and his family fell apart. Despite being an honorable soldier, Thonayot was a broken man.

He began listening to the "Hope in This Life" radio program from Fang Church of the Nazarene near where he was stationed in northern Thailand. For two years he listened regularly without contacting the station or the pastor of the Fang Church. For two years God was watering the seeds of hope He had planted in Thonayot’s heart.
In January 2010, Thonayot contacted Pastor Natachai and prayed to receive Christ as his Savior. On March 13, at the Thailand District Assembly, Thonayot was baptized by Thailand District Superintendent Sawat Hahom just after sunrise. He is eager to study the Bible, to serve God in the Fang Church, and to sell a gas station he owns in order to build a home for caring for elderly people.

“My whole life is changed!" he said. "I give all of myself to God. I’m eager to serve Him.”

Thonayot, now retired from service to the king of Thailand, is answering the highest call. He is serving the King of Kings!