Global Glimpses

By Ann Baldwin on Jun 2, 2009

Editor's note: Global Glimpses is a quarterly collection of news briefs provided by Nazarene Missions International (NMI), to inform the Church of the Nazarene about God's work through the greater church globally. To download a printable church bulletin-sized copy, visit

Africa Men’s Clubs
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries/Helping Hands Africa recently launched a ministry recently to form men’s clubs. The clubs will take action against the AIDS pandemic through education and the transformation of the male understanding of relationships and sexuality. The clubs will promote healing for those who grew up in abusive/violent households or without a healthy father figure. Men will be challenged to be Christ-like role models for boys in their community. 

The Eurasia Church Marches Forward
The year 2008 marked the fifth consecutive year that the Eurasia Region reported double-digit increases in membership. Growth occurred in all fields (numbers in parentheses show amount of increase):
CIS Field (6%)
Eastern Mediterranean Field (3%)
India Field (9%)
Northern Europe Field (1.3%)
South Asia Field (13%)
Southeastern Europe Field (16%)
Western Mediterranean Field (3.3%)
Growth on the Region was also reflected in the number of churches (488 newly organized churches) and a total of 14,885 new full members in 2008.

The Boy on the Bike
At a JESUS film showing in the Caribbean Region, a Nazarene pastor noticed a young man on a bicycle who stopped and watched the film. The pastor prayed with the young man after the film. Afterwards, the young man said he had heard of Jesus but had not understood the life of Jesus as portrayed in Scripture. The young man explained that if his father—one of the major religious leaders in the country—learned that his son watched the film and prayed, the son would be killed as a dishonor to his family. With that, the young man rode off into the night.

WEF Around the World
Giving empowers believers and reminds us that we are participants in God’s mission. Following are some of the ways the World Evangelism Fund (WEF) made an impact in 2008:

  • World Mission ministry and transformation in more than 155 world areas
  • Global missionaries deployed from 34 world areas
  • More than 770 missionaries and 196 missionary kids, including 508 Mission Corps, 23 tentmakers, 722 Work & Witness teams, 94 Youth In Mission participants, 11,021 volunteer participants
  • 11,300 churches in World Mission (up 8.4%); 1.2 million members in World Mission (up 9.4%) 433 districts with 24,065 clergy around the world
  • 40 Bible colleges and seminaries, 11 universities, 30,564 residential students
  • 30 education extension centers and 14,539 extension students
  • 64 medical clinics/hospitals; thousands of compassionate ministry centers
  • 326 retired missionaries receiving pension income
  • More than 700 active literature projects underway, representing 62 languages

NZone—A Boost for Tentena Church
World Mission Broadcast’s NZone (Nazarene Zone) radio program expanded to the outer areas of Indonesia including Tentena, a city in Central Sulawesi, one of the newest areas of work for the church. Several years ago it was a site of fierce fighting, and many people were killed. It is quieter now, people are moving back to the area, and there are several Nazarene churches in the area. Pastor Bertha secured a 90-minute block of airtime to play music, broadcast the half-hour NZone program, and field questions. The majority of her church’s members are people reached through the radio ministry.


Orphans Reborn Spreads Christ
When orphans “graduate” from orphanages, the young people often leave with few life skills. Orphans Reborn, a ministry of the Slavic Gospel Association, hosts studies in which the Bible is taught alongside important life skills. The program is new, so it is too early to determine how many lives have been affected by the ministry. However, graduates of the Orphans Reborn program now minister to younger orphans—an encouraging outgrowth.
-- Mission Network NewsChurches,

Training Centers Planned
Samaritan’s Purse works in war-torn Sudan. The ministry, founded by Franklin Graham, helps provide clean drinking water, food, and education in northern Sudan—a country that has been locked in a civil war for years. In a recent visit, Graham met with President Omar al-Bashir and asked if the government would sell land to Samaritan’s Purse for building 10 churches. That request was granted, and President Bashir asked if the ministry would build vocational training centers, a request to which Franklin agreed.

Palau Fest Draws 400,000
In March 2009, more than 425,000 people attended a Luis Palau evangelistic festival in Guatemala. Community outreach events included volunteers offering free medical/dental care to more than 8,500 individuals, helping clean up neighborhoods and schools, and providing meals for more than 40,000 underprivileged children. Palau said, “What distinguished this campaign from any other was the level of impact—the depth of penetration—to all levels of society.”

Returning Hearts Celebration
The prison once deemed the most violent in America hosted the nation’s largest gathering of inmates and their children in late March to promote reconciliation and healing within families. The Returning Hearts Celebration, a program of Awana Lifeline Prison Ministry, reunited more than 500 kids with their incarcerated dads at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola. “These fathers do not want their children to end up in prison,” said Jack Eggar, president and CEO of the ministry. “So they are intentional in encouraging and teaching their children to pursue a life of character and faith.”

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