Freed from slavery

Rev. Prao Kouakou
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ImageI'm Amoin Kouassi. I am 37 years old and live in Bodokro (Béoumi), Côte d'Ivoire. Very early, I was introduced to fetishism because my parents' religion was the worship of nature. I was assigned to a priestess who had the task of teaching me the secrets of this belief - among other things, healing through plants, interpretation of dreams, the art of predicting the future. My initiation lasted 15 years.

After this step, I was released to put myself at the service of people who were under the influence of evil spirits. I practiced the "business" for several years. Truthfully, I regularly communicated with spirits, who often asked me to offer animal sacrifices to appease their anger or to avoid eventual calamities to people.

However, there was a time, when I fell ill. In fact, my spirits had imposed a condition for violating the prohibitions placed on me. One of which was that I had no right to have sex with my husband on Thursday or Friday. Having disobeyed this prohibition, I was struck with serious illness. I hardly slept the night. I heard voices of those spirits who threatened to kill me. I lost weight for no apparent reason.

Thus Pastor N'zué welcomed me to a prayer clinic, where through a course of spiritual counseling, he helped me to meet Christ. Alleluia. Yes, today I am free after more than twenty years under the influence of spirits.

I became a servant of the Lord. Yes, I am freed from evil spirits and their prohibitions. Yes, I am freed from slavery. At present, I am a member of the Bodokro Church of the Nazarene where I participate in intercession. Henceforth, my nights are no longer troubled. Thursday and Friday are regular days for me.

All the glory back to God!

-- Reprinted from Out of Africa, Sept 16, 2013 edition. Out of Africa is the biweekly newsletter of the Africa Region. To subscribe, visit