Broadcasting of South America Nazarene television programs expands


From the Dark
The film, "From the Dark," tells the story of a Colombian drug trafficker whom God redeemed, and who now serves as a Nazarene pastor.

"The past several months in the South America Region Communications office have been encouraging, as an increase in demand for our television programs has been seen,” said Sarah Leiendecker, coordinator of Affiliates and Missions Corps volunteer.

For several years, the communications ministry has distributed "Mujer Valiosa" (which means "Valuable Woman," a weekly woman’s program designed to entertain, educate, and inform from a Christian context) and other Spanish language Christian programs. The team has been greatly encouraged by receiving several requests for the programming. In particular, agreements with Televisión Nacional Evangélica (TNE) (National Evangelic Television) in Chile and Aliento Vision Hispanic Family Network in the United States have been an encouragement, as both have large broadcasting areas.

National Communications Coordinator for Chile, Pastor Patricio Huanca, made contact with TNE´s programming manager, Mr. Patricio Cisternas, who has signed a broadcasting agreement with the Regional Communications office. Starting in February, “Mujer Valiosa” season 1 will be included in their programming, along with
“Las 21 Leyes de Liderazgo“ (The 21 Rules of Leadership), produced by Communications and the South America Region, based on the book by John Maxwell.

In addition, TNE will air
the movie “From the Dark,” the true story of a Colombian drug trafficker whom God redeemed and is now a Nazarene pastor.

Mr. Cisternas said, “We are happy and excited to have signed this contract; all that blesses and supports the Kingdom of God will be made available to our Chilean viewers.”

TNE broadcasts to more than 60 Chilean cities. Its objective is to present a television station with good values that is an attractive option in the culture and entertainment industry. This is not a channel dedicated to televangelists. Their aim as Christian media is to provide entertainment, education and technology that appeal to everyone while being Christ-centered. As such, they are producing, developing and broadcasting high quality content that responds to the needs of close to 3 million people in a country that professes to be evangelical.

A broadcast agreement between South America Communications and Aliento Vision has also been signed and they are broadcasting all three seasons of “Mujer Valiosa” as well as “From the Dark.” Aliento Vision has its base of operations in New York on channel 39.4, but as of November 2010 their signal is also being distributed to different cities and states in the USA and parts of Latin America.

Aliento Vision Hispanic Family Network is a Christian television station focused on strengthening the family and society with balanced and enriched programming. It features specialized segments for women, men, youth and children. Their programming includes news, documentaries, advice, reports, testimonies, analysis of faith, true stories and inspiring preachers.

While "Mujer Valiosa" has always provided viewers an opportunity to contact the Communications Office with questions, comments and requests for prayer, Pastor Huanca is taking extra initiative with the launching of "Mujer Valiosa" on TNE. He has asked district superintendents and other leaders to help with follow-up with contacts so that they can give the necessary spiritual help.

Pastor Huanca's enthusiasm and initiative is not only appreciated and applauded by the Communications Office, but also by Missionary Susan McKeithen, who responded to Pastor Huanca's request for help by saying, “Glory to God for this great possibility and thank you for your work to make this contact and arrangements with TNE.”

For South America Communications it is a great privilege and ministry opportunity to be broadcast on TNE and Aliento Vision and they look forward to working with them as well as other stations for years to come.